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passion over profit

We're not a videography company, we're a WEDDING videography company. 


We love weddings and we're beyond passionate about filming them. Our goal is to be the "local café" of wedding video companies. That's why we don't take multiple weddings on a single day. This means all our energy is put into the wedding at hand and it keeps the memories fresh when we sit down to edit it. 

candid cinematography

You'll notice this all over my website, but you might not know what it means. 

I believe that a wedding video should reflect the exact day that the couple plans. I feel that by letting the day have it's natural flow, the couples are gifted with a timeless wholesome video filled with spontaneous moments that they may not have remembered from their day. 

don't listen to me, listen to them

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let's get coffee

Hey, my name is Rob. I’m a Montreal wedding videographer!


I specialize in candid cinematography. Capturing moments from a wallflower’s perspective grants an organic and sentimental atmosphere to the videos I produce. 
Every video is personalized to fit each couple. Meeting couples before their big day helps build an initial bond between us, creating a level of comfort so they can feel at ease and be their truly natural selves. During this meeting, we discuss any details that are significant to them. This way everything is clear beforehand, assuring them that there will be no need for any micromanagement on my end.

Feel free to email me and we can discuss pricing! I look forward to helping you capture your big day!

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